Courses, lectures, workshops and drop in meditations

Our events are led by experienced facilitators and teachers of meditation. They give their time freely to help others cultivate a deeper wisdom, contentment, joy, and inner peace in an often chaotic world.

Each event is an opportunity to explore insights into the true nature of existence, to view our lives from a detached perspective, and to learn practical methods to sustain calm and clarity in everyday living.

Spiritual environment

The Meditation Center offers a pure, serene and spiritual environment. To maintain this, we request the mobile phones to be put in silence mode and to refrain from the use of electronic gadgets for other purposes than spiritual education, whilst in our space. In the Meditation Center abstinence from alcohol and cigarettes is observed. We encourage a vegetarian lifestyle and so outside food is avoided in our space.

All are welcome

People from all backgrounds (ethnic, religious, cultural, social, etc.) are welcome to explore their own spirituality and learn skills of reflection and meditation derived from Raja Yoga. All this helps to develop inner calm, clarity of thinking and personal well-being.