27 February 2018

Relationship with Matter

How do we approach actions, how do we use the body in a worthwhile way, what consciousness does one need to have to achieve a peace of mind and a sense of harmony while still performing everyday actions? Take a look or listen to this insightful talk between Sister Mohini, President of Brahma Kumaris USA and the Carribean and Judy Rodgers, Meditation Instructor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4tezWVYSyM  ...

27 October 2017
Electronic gadgets: a blessing!…?

Electronic gadgets: a blessing?

We all have them. Most of us consider them as our most precious possessions and become restless when they are not within reach. Be it a television, a mobile phone, a computer, a game-play, etc. -- whether in the cosmopolitan cities or in rural towns or villages -- our daily lives are flooded by electronic gadgets. Information technology has definitely brought us "life at a fast pace", and some of us feel overwhelmed by it. All these gadgets have changed how we live our lives. They have change...

13 June 2017

Don’t Get MAD Get Wise: Sage Advice

To say Don’t Get MAD Get Wise has “shelf life” is an understatement. On my book shelf at home, this book has been read at least once a year for 10 years and is used on an as-needed basis whenever anger gets the better of me. Author Mike George’s clever title, a take-off on the old adage, don’t get mad get even, is the premise of the book. Indeed, one does get wiser as the truth about anger is revealed. Do you know that we are totally responsible for everything we think and feel and ...