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Since 1997 the Meditation Center has been serving thousands of people based on the principle of heartfelt volunteerism. Many support the Meditation Center offering their time, energy, and skills.

The Brahma Kumaris operates worldwide with the conviction that there should not be a set cost for people to explore their spirituality and to learn to meditate. This principle adds to the positive energy and spiritual atmosphere at the Meditation Center.

We do not charge a fee for our lectures, courses, workshops, and other activities, however, we welcome contributions. People have been deeply moved by the spiritual gifts and insights they have received here, and sometimes like to express their appreciation and gratitude through contributions.

These contributions are used to sustain the ongoing and expanding operations and services of the Manhattan Meditation Center. Contributions to the Meditation Center can be made online or by cash, check, or credit card when attending the Meditation Center in person. Your contributions to the Manhattan Meditation Center are tax deductible.
BKWSO (USA) was established as a non-profit – 501(c)(3) organization in 1974. Our work continues because of contributions made by those who have taken benefit and want others to receive the same. Your contributions are gratefully appreciated and accepted.

Donations In Kind

An individual or organization may be able to offer some other contribution to support our activities. Donations in kind are accepted according to specific needs

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(212) 564-4335


306 5th Ave., 2nd floor
(between 31st & 32nd Streets) New York, New York 10001