Don’t Get MAD Get Wise: Sage Advice

13 June 2017

To say Don’t Get MAD Get Wise has “shelf life” is an understatement. On my book shelf at home, this book has been read at least once a year for 10 years and is used on an as-needed basis whenever anger gets the better of me.

Author Mike George’s clever title, a take-off on the old adage, don’t get mad get even, is the premise of the book. Indeed, one does get wiser as the truth about anger is revealed. Do you know that we are totally responsible for everything we think and feel and do at all times and in all situations? To “get even” would only be hurting the self.

Mike, in a conversational tone and with an engaging sense of humor, speaks directly to me. He shares the wisdom he has gained from the study and practice of Raja Yoga meditation for more than three decades. Besides being a best-selling author of at least eight books, Mike is a motivational speaker, management development facilitator, and spiritual teacher. At the outset of the book, Mike explains why “no one really makes me angry. I allow myself to become angry.” He continues, “Anger is never ever healthy, natural, or useful. It’s draining and counterproductive.”

Do you agree? If so, the fatal beliefs about anger will open your eyes wide. The seven “So What’s” will introduce you to a whole new response to stuff that happens: “It happened. So what?” This response makes me laugh when I think how it could have been a useful remedy to years of frustration. “So the lettuce was cut in half instead of being used leaf by leaf. So what?”

The Source of All Suffering chapter reminds us that we cannot “control and change what we cannot change – the past, or other people, or events more than 3 ½ feet away.” Mike says it in three small words: “What is, is.” How freeing to know I don’t have to control or change anyone or anything. What is, is.

The book is not superficial by any means. It delves deeply into the experiences of anger, peace, forgiving, and forgetting. It’s the whole package, from problem to solution. I pick up the book time and again because there’s always an important point that I need to be reminded of. No matter where I open the book, I find the point.

Don’t Get MAD Get Wise
Why no one ever makes you angry … ever!
Mike George, O Books, John Hunt Publishing Ltd., 2006,
Winchester, UK; New York, USA

Reviewed by

Carol Gill, Raja Yoga student and teacher.

The views and opinions expressed are those of the author(s) and do not imply endorsement by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization or of the Manhattan Meditation Center.