The Meditation Center has a history spanning over 20 years having started operations  in 1997.  The purpose of the Manhattan Meditation Center is to help you rediscover your true inner self. Our unique, calm environment, with experienced meditation teachers, is a great place to attend lectures, courses and events.
We have a room for courses and public lectures as well as a meditation room, where we hold guided meditation sessions. The meditation room can also be used for individual meditations and reflections or to just sit in silence and detach from the buzz of everyday life.

The Center shall be a lighthouse–a beacon of peace, love, strength and stability serving people from all walks of life who represent all cultures and traditions. 

A safe and serene spiritual oasis, the Meditation Center inspires individuals from all, backgrounds and walks of life, to look inward, upward, and forward to explore their true nature, innate values, and higher purpose.

All activities are free of charge.