The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization in the USA is part of a worldwide network of learning and retreat centers with over a million members. Peace Village, New York is our learning and retreat center in the USA that offers weekend retreats (now online) on a variety of topics where you can learn to meditate and study spiritual knowledge. We are dedicated to individual, societal, and world transformation through the study and spiritual practice of Raja Yoga Meditation. At the heart of our teaching is the belief that the pathway to individual peace and fulfillment is first realizing and then remembering our original nature as spiritual beings in connection with One Source, who provides meaning and purpose to our identity.

Our knowledge, revealed in the 1930s in India, describes the eternal truths of the soul and the Source, the philosophy of karma, and the secrets of time. BKs come together in 30 centers in the USA to study this knowledge and its application in our lives. Raja Yoga is a knowledge base and practice regimen especially for this time in the history of the world.



Mohini Panjabi

Mohini Panjabi is the Additional Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization of the USA. She is a spiritual leader and educator with over 60 years of study and practice of Raja Yoga. Born in India, she came to the West in her twenties and has been serving as the main spiritual resource of the Brahma Kumaris’ activities in the Western Hemisphere since the mid-1970s. She is a much sought after international speaker and spiritual resource, and she represents the Brahma Kumaris at the United Nations. Mohini Didi is based in Great Neck, New York. Her special gift is her ability to present spiritual concepts and principles in ways that allow those from all disciplines to understand their relevance and practical application.


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