Community Outreach at the New Life Expo in New York

20 March 2017

When one’s life is transformed by the awakening to the true self and the benefits of using the newly found inner potential, it is only natural to want to share this with others. And, this is just what some of the students of the Manhattan Meditation Center did last weekend. Lucia Kelbovska, Akita Vaughan, Neetu Ramoutar, Aprana Sinha, and Jose Duran, staffed a booth at the New Life Expo New York at the Wyndham Hotel which was an event that was designed “to help a person find a good platform on which to stay fit and healthy” and well. More than 150 exhibitors showcased their products and services at the event, and the Manhattan Meditation Center was there sharing the transformative power of Raja Yoga Meditation as taught by the Brahma Kumaris.