I am impressed by the quiet and peaceful ambiance of the Manhattan Meditation Center

When I first visited the Manhattan Meditation Center two years ago, I was impressed by the quiet and peaceful ambiance and I appreciated the cleanliness and beauty of the space. I have taken the Foundation Curse twice and every time I visit and attend class, I learn something new. The books I have read by the Brahma Kumaris have helped me to understand spiritual knowledge and meditation practice, and all of this has helped me in my daily life

- Vimal G.
The Manhattan Meditation Center is warm and welcoming

The Manhattan Meditation Center is a very warm and welcoming space in the midst of a chaotic city. Raja Yoga meditation gives me the ability to switch off any disturbing thought or emotion that may rise within me. I call it easy meditation that empowers myself and helps me live free of stress. The best part about this meditation is that I am taught to practice it in my day to day activities which helps me excel at work and improve my interpersonal relationships. I see myself as a happier person.

- Pooja K.
Meditation alleviates the discomfort of built up stress

I found the Brahma Kumaris while going through a lot of stress in the day to day hustle of corporate America, especially in NYC. What I have learned at the Manhattan Meditation Center while doing the “spiritual work” and through meditation is that the experience is not so much about what I take with me as it is about what I leave behind. I let go of the stress and drama that I a carry on my shoulders. Meditation surely alleviates the discomfort of the built up stress. But, I realize it is something I need to consistently work at. And, I get support for doing just that at the Meditation Center. Only in shedding this heaviness of the day to day, can I see who I really am, and recognize what I can achieve in life.

- Guy R.
The Manhattan Meditation Center helps me aim for the highest goal

The Manhattan Meditation Center means so much to me. It has opened up so many opportunities for me to make my life better, to aim for the highest goal. I have learned that God’s love and God’s power are there for me to take and then give to the whole world. With the practice of Raja Yoga, my life has become so full of virtue and power.

- Ishwar D.
The Manhattan Meditation Center is an oasis of positive vibrations

For me, the Manhattan Meditation Center is an oasis of positive vibrations. Meditation and the spiritual practices of Raja Yoga have changed my life completely. I now realize that I cannot change others or the outside world, but I can transform myself. This brings such a calm, peaceful and serene feeling within me. All my life I was looking for peace. Raja Yoga meditation has given it to me.

- Chetrani K.