A feeling of freshness and wholeness come over me at the Meditation Center

Every time I go to the Manhattan Meditation Center and the elevator door opens, it is like I am stepping from night into day. A feeling of freshness, of wholeness comes over me, and it is as if the rest of the world does not exist. One specific benefit that I got from attending the classes at the Meditation Center was during the time when my son had just gone to college and I was so upset that he was not returning any of my five or six daily phone calls to him. I was going crazy about that. While attending a class at the Center another lady shared about her attachment to her 21 your old son who was also going to college. The instructor asked her if her son was her property and suggested that is healthier to let go of the attachment to her son and to allow him to travel his own journey. It was real a wakeup call for me. I completely stopped calling my son. After three weeks, he started to call me.

- Cherly S.
Meditation alleviates the discomfort of built up stress

I found the Brahma Kumaris while going through a lot of stress in the day to day hustle of corporate America, especially in NYC. What I have learned at the Manhattan Meditation Center while doing the “spiritual work” and through meditation is that the experience is not so much about what I take with me as it is about what I leave behind. I let go of the stress and drama that I a carry on my shoulders. Meditation surely alleviates the discomfort of the built up stress. But, I realize it is something I need to consistently work at. And, I get support for doing just that at the Meditation Center. Only in shedding this heaviness of the day to day, can I see who I really am, and recognize what I can achieve in life.

- Guy R.
I found answers at the Manhattan Meditation Center

I was always a seeker. While looking at the world around me, I had many questions; Who am I? What is my purpose on earth? Why is there so much conflict in the name of God? Is it possible that this is all there is to life? Am I just born to exist, and then exit again when I am 80 or 90 years old? Is this all? These existential questions used to race in my mind. My search for answers led me to the Manhattan Meditation Center where I found them. After enrolling myself in the Raja Yoga foundation course I received so many answers. I felt so much satisfaction with the findings about my true Self and nature. This knowing gives me so much peace; the ongoing search finally could stop.

- Vandana
The Manhattan Meditation Center is an oasis of positive vibrations

For me, the Manhattan Meditation Center is an oasis of positive vibrations. Meditation and the spiritual practices of Raja Yoga have changed my life completely. I now realize that I cannot change others or the outside world, but I can transform myself. This brings such a calm, peaceful and serene feeling within me. All my life I was looking for peace. Raja Yoga meditation has given it to me.

- Chetrani K.
The Manhattan Meditation Center is a calm oasis in the midst of the busy city

Once I step inside the Manhattan Meditation Center, I feel transported to a different place and time. For just a moment, I am able to let go of all the responsibilities and my different roles in life, and concentrate on the inner work of being happy and joyful. For me, the meditation center is a deeply peaceful and calm oasis in the midst of one of the busiest cities in the world.

- Inna R.