From being an angry person, I am now peaceful and calm

My life has changed completely with the Raja Yoga meditation I have studied at the Manhattan Center. From having anxiety attacks, I am now a peaceful person. From being an angry person, I am now patient and calm. The knowledge imparted at the Center is profound and beautiful. I have studied Raja Yoga knowledge and practiced the meditation for 30 years and have experienced its transformative power.

- Blanca
The Manhattan Meditation Center is a calm oasis in the midst of the busy city

Once I step inside the Manhattan Meditation Center, I feel transported to a different place and time. For just a moment, I am able to let go of all the responsibilities and my different roles in life, and concentrate on the inner work of being happy and joyful. For me, the meditation center is a deeply peaceful and calm oasis in the midst of one of the busiest cities in the world.

- Inna R.
This newfound insight has allowed me to shift from the role of a victim into a more self-empowered role

Since coming to the BK Manhattan Meditation Gallery, I’ve been able to asses my current circumstances and overall life choices more objectively and honestly. This newfound insight has allowed me to shift from the role of a victim into a more self-empowered role and, as a result, taken steps to live a more fulfilling life through the practice of Raja Yoga. 

- Asea T.
I experience an immediate feeling of welcome when I enter the Manhattan Meditation Center

The trustees of the Meditation Center and Gallery make a deliberate effort to create and sustain a pure spiritual atmosphere. There is an immediate feeling of welcome as I enter the clean, elegant, yet simple space at 306 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor. The Meditation Room is calm and peaceful, and even the most stressed-out New Yorker can sit quietly and connect with the self and with God, and re-energize the spirit.

- Carol G.
I experience a feeling of inner peace amidst the frenetic scenes of the city

The Manhattan Meditation Center serves as a place where I can experience the feeling of inner peace and solitude amidst the highly frenetic scenes taking place every day on the streets of Manhattan. The Center is one of the few places where I am able to feel an elevated vibration as soon as I get off the elevator. I am immediately transported into a more peaceful, calmer, and welcoming environment. 

I have been working in the fast pace world of finance and Wall Street. I have learned to integrate the peace and inner quiet I experience through meditation into my life. Raja Yoga meditation has given me a higher level of awareness on how to train my mind to experience “true happiness and joy” as opposed to the experience of small waves of temporary happiness. I find the teachers at the Meditation Center to be experienced and knowledgeable, and they truly care about helping me gain a greater depth in my meditation experience.

I have been coming here for over two years. Now, I come with greater frequency because it feels more like a home. The beautiful “silence” room upstairs serves as an oasis of peace to help me re-center myself before going back out into the world. I find the Thursday night “Wisdom in Action” sessions to be very useful because the programs address very relevant topics to my daily life. If anyone wants to gain a greater insight into how to connect to your true inner self and bring your original virtues up and out into your life, please come and experience this place.

- Satyan S