The Manhattan Meditation Center is a calm oasis in the midst of the busy city

Once I step inside the Manhattan Meditation Center, I feel transported to a different place and time. For just a moment, I am able to let go of all the responsibilities and my different roles in life, and concentrate on the inner work of being happy and joyful. For me, the meditation center is a deeply peaceful and calm oasis in the midst of one of the busiest cities in the world.

- Inna R.
I am impressed by the quiet and peaceful ambiance of the Manhattan Meditation Center

When I first visited the Manhattan Meditation Center two years ago, I was impressed by the quiet and peaceful ambiance and I appreciated the cleanliness and beauty of the space. I have taken the Foundation Curse twice and every time I visit and attend class, I learn something new. The books I have read by the Brahma Kumaris have helped me to understand spiritual knowledge and meditation practice, and all of this has helped me in my daily life

- Vimal G.
Meditation alleviates the discomfort of built up stress

I found the Brahma Kumaris while going through a lot of stress in the day to day hustle of corporate America, especially in NYC. What I have learned at the Manhattan Meditation Center while doing the “spiritual work” and through meditation is that the experience is not so much about what I take with me as it is about what I leave behind. I let go of the stress and drama that I a carry on my shoulders. Meditation surely alleviates the discomfort of the built up stress. But, I realize it is something I need to consistently work at. And, I get support for doing just that at the Meditation Center. Only in shedding this heaviness of the day to day, can I see who I really am, and recognize what I can achieve in life.

- Guy R.
Raja Yoga Improves my body’s immunity and is a panacea for personal ills too

The knowledge and skills that I receive at Brahma Kumaris Manhattan Meditation Center are not solely applicable to my mental and spiritual health. Rather, they are also connected with the wellbeing of my physical, social, family and professional life. To me, Raja Yoga meditation improves my body’s immunity to help guard off disease and is a panacea to personal and social ills too. I like the fact that the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization is a values-based organization, not a present-day, religion-based organization. The best part is that it is up to me to agree or disagree with the teachings, with no hard feelings.  All the classes and programs are conducted in a friendly and serene atmosphere with good wishes. 

- Sushil D.
Meditation empowers me to become a source of peace and positive energy

My first experience at the Manhattan Meditation Center was one of wonder, amazement, and relief. I could not believe that smacked dab in the middle of the chaos and confusion of the city, I had found a place of solace and refuge. I had just about reached the end of my rope and felt there was no place to go. As I walked into the Center, what touched me the most was the atmosphere of peace and the spirit of hospitality and welcoming, which is extended to anyone who walks in through its doors. I felt that I had finally arrived to my destination; that my search was over.

The benefit of attending the Center is the most transforming spiritual experience I have ever come across. Learning to meditate has taught me to connect to the energy of a higher being, who some refer to as God — the Supreme Being –, or spiritual guide. This connection started me on a journey of understanding to discover the true meaning of the self as a spiritually connected being.

I feel that meditation not only teaches and trains me to view chaos and confusion from a different perspective, but also empowers me to become a source of peace and positive energy to those who are in close contact with me on a daily basis.

- Paula C.