The Brahma Kumaris Manhattan Center Welcomes Sr. Shivani

30 June 2017

Sister Shivani paid an unscheduled visit to the Manhattan Center before her evening event at the Scandinavia House with Dr. Bruce Lipton. Sandy Plowman Kraus, a student of Raja Yoga as taught by the Brahma Kumaris, and Sister Rona, Coordinator of the Manhattan Center, welcomed Sister Shivani to the Manhattan Center where she experienced the tranquil and refreshing environment and enjoyed afternoon tea and a rest before her evening event: a conversation with Dr. Bruce Lipton at the Scandinavia House.

Sister Shivani’s 14-city speaking tour of North America began on June 20 and will conclude on July 9 at the Brahma Kumaris Peace Village Learning & Retreat Center ( ) in the Catskill mountains, where Sr. Shivani will share on “Awakening Our Golden Future.”

Awakening is the wondrous process of listening to the call of the soul amidst the noise of life, turning inward and opening up to the spiritual wisdom. Awakening is an invitation for you to rise above the routine, so you can experience the beauty of your awakening to timeless realities and new possibilities for your life.